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All the donations will go to the project which supports the victims of breast cancer or the children who suffer from cancer.

Click here to view and download the sponsorship program!

You can donate by bank transfer into the account RO64RNCB0072124220940001, open at BCR District 1, with the text ‘Casiopeea Donation’ in the transfer details, or you can donate cash on the days of the races, between 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.



Casiopeea has an important goal planned for 2017: helping women with breast cancer, by organizing the Pink Race. We need YOU in order for us to reach this goal

You have the right to redirect 2% of your income tax to a non-profit entity. You can choose the Casiopeea Association. The facility to redirect 2% was implemented by the Romanian state, which aligned with the rest of Europe in terms of leaving 2% of the income recorded for the previous year for the taxpayer to redirect.

The procedure is very simple. The standard forms for 2% must be filled in, signed and submitted to the Tax Administration in your jurisdiction.

  1. Fill in the 230 Form (or the 200 Form). It is not necessary to indicate the amount, as the tax administration representatives will do that for you.
    1. Fill in the 230 Form in case your income source for last year was your salary.
    2. Fill in the 200 Form, in case you have other income sources, besides the salary (freelancing activities – doctor, lawyer, notary public, expert accountant, architect, leasing of assets – rents, copyrights etc.)
  2. Submit the form to the Tax Administration in your area. If you collect several forms from your co-workers or friends, the Casiopeea staff can collect them from you and submit them to the Tax Administration on your behalf. In this case, please contact us by e-mail, at

Identification data of the CASIOPEEA ASSOCIATION (necessary for the form fill-in)

Entity name: Casiopeea ASSOCIATION
Tax identification code: 29165058
Bank account (IBAN): RO64RNCB0072124220940001

Make sure that the form is signed, before submitting it to the Tax Administration. Your gesture can bring back the smile on the face of a child suffering from cancer.


 The companies can also be involved in our cause. According to the Fiscal Code they can donate up to 20% from the tax on profit, in the limit of 0.3% from their turnover. The steps they must follow are simple:

  1. Elaborate a sponsorship contract, in which you mentioned the amount to be donated
  2. Complete the 101 Declaration when you report it to the fiscal authorities

Become a Volunteer

We need your help to do everything we have set our minds to do. You can become a volunteer and this is an opportunity to participate and support this important cause.

Any person over the age of 18 can be a volunteer.

If you are interested, please contact us at, mentioning how you want to get involved concretely and what your time availability is.