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Maintain Your Health

ERGONOMICS PROGRAM Currently, 50% of the computer users suffer from some type of musculoskeletal discomfort. The purpose of the ergonomics program is to reduce this incidence. Three types of interventions are possible, at various levels, in order to achieve this objective: Individual: daily physical exercise and quit smoking Organizational: increase the variety of work [...]



BREAST CANCER PREVENTION: 1 OUT OF 8 WOMEN WILL SUFFER FROM BREAST CANCER DURING HER LIFETIME. This risk is reduced if we follow a few simple life rules: Nutrition: as many vegetables and fruit as possible; Learn to read the labels on food products; if possible, eat organic food or, if organic products are [...]


Breast self-examination

What is it? Breast self-examination is not a screening method for breast cancer and does not replace the preventive annual medical examination, which also includes a doctor examining the breasts and a mammography, for women over 45. The ultrasound is screen method which can be used for women under 45, besides the medical examination. [...]


Prevention program in schools and companies

Casiopeea has started a new prevention program in schools towards young girls. On June 9 in Central School (Școala Centrală), a medical team from the University of Bucharest has offered an interactive lecture on the factors of breast cancer to a group of girls in grade 11. The presentation also emphasis on self-examination of [...]